Former Employees

As a former employee, you may have questions regarding a variety of topics. The following is intended to provide detailed information regarding the most common questions that former employees may have.

Q: I had money in a 401(k) and I want to get it back. What do I do?
A: Contact Great-West Retirement Services at (877) 403-4232

Q: I am currently enrolled in school and have been receiving tuition reimbursement. Will I still receive reimbursement?
A: Please contact AskHR! at 1 877-232-4741

Q: Who do I call if I had money in the Employee Stock Option Plan (ESPP)?
A: E*TRADE 1-800-838-0908

Q: Who do I contact if I need to get W-2s?
A: Send an email to or go to

Q: What if I have general questions about other benefits or my employment? Who do I call?
A: Please contact AskHR! at 1 877-232-4741

For general information please call 1-866-934-1594