Graphic Design Courses at IADT

graphic design degree

Graphic design isn’t just about using Photoshop. It’s the about the powerful creative process of combining design knowledge and technical skills to express ideas visually.

Become a new kind of graphic design professional with an education that evolves your raw talent with design and technology, starting with industry-relevant graphic design courses.

Take a look at the descriptions below to find out what you can learn as a student in a Graphic Design degree program at IADT.* Course topics can include:

Advertising Design

This course focuses on the communication skills and design techniques necessary for creating promotional materials and advertising campaigns. Students will have the opportunity to learn from case studies how to develop advertising strategies and transform them into completed projects in print or Web media. Market research, consumer behavior, and sales techniques can be discussed.

Branding and Corporate Identity

This course will focus upon the essential skills necessary for the development of a corporate brand. Research, strategy formulation, design and implementation of a new brand identity and/or a re-branding can be covered in this course.

Design for Mobile Applications

This course leverages students’ multimedia knowledge while introducing the basics of design for mobile applications. The students can use industry-current software to develop, test, debug and distribute an application for a mobile device.

Design Fundamentals

This course provides an examination of the different elements of visual design, as well as a general overview of the design process. The material in this course will focus on design for projects essential to all areas of visual design.

Digital Imaging

This course has been designed to explain the basic understanding of a raster-based software program to create, manipulate and modify raster-based images. Students will be focused on understanding the tools used to manipulate raster-based images and may be expected to use proper terminology when discussing and presenting their work.


This course can cover the language of the visual letterform, the history of typography, and its appropriate use in design.

Web Design III

This course can provide an introduction to the development of dynamic websites through the use of scripting languages and database technologies. Additional topics can include scripting syntax, search engine optimization, and content management systems.

See the full Graphic Design curriculum in the IADT Catalog on our Documents & Resources page.

*Courses are subject to change. Certain courses are only included in bachelor-level programs. Not all schools offer all courses, and the exact course name may differ at different campuses. Valid GED or high school diploma required for admission.