Choose a School That Complements You

You know which degree program suits you best and you’re ready to start your education. Now you just need to choose the right school. 

Why choose IADT?

At IADT, our quality instructors can:

  • Help you evolve your raw talent with design and technology
  • Show you how to become part of the new breed of creative professional
  • Teach you industry-current skills that could put you ahead

Help is available whenever you need it. You can get ...

  • Help walking through the entire application process
  • Career Services assistance
  • Financial aid guidance and tools at your fingertips

If you’d like to experience a class at IADT to help you make your decision, get a Class Pass now. Interested in saving money on tuition and graduating sooner? Learn about our Professional Pace option.

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Apply now if you’re ready to learn what it takes to become part of the new breed, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.