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Figuring out your future is a challenge. You ask yourself a variety of questions, such as:

  • What should I study?
  • Which field is right for me?
  • What's my calling?

If you're ready to narrow down your options, start by taking the IADT Find Your Calling Quiz. We'll ask you 10 questions designed to measure your unique interests, behaviors and motivations. Once you finish, you'll find out whether your creative and technical talents are a better fit for Business, Design, Media Arts or Technology.

Uncover the next step to your future. Start the quiz below to find your calling.

Find Your Calling

Narrow down your area of interest by taking the
IADT "Find Your Calling" Quiz.

Find the area of interest that's right for you:

Business, Design, Media Arts, and Technology Start The Quiz
Department stores
Step 1 of 10
Step 2 of 10
Manage your workflow
Bring your ideas to life
Edit your creative projects
Do everything Step 3 of 10
Choosing and ordering inventory
Designing print marketing materials
Filming a commercial for the store
Setting up the store's computers and equipment Step 4 of 10
Bill Gates, co-founder and chairman of Microsoft
John D. Rockefeller, oil magnate and businessman
Steven Spielberg, film director
Annie Leibovitz, portrait photographer
Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple
Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of
Frank Lloyd Wright, architect and interior designer
Paul Rand, graphic designer Step 5 of 10
Picking out her outfit
Taking photos
Fixing her MP3 player
Planning and coordinating the party
Rearranging the living room
Designing print invitations
Inviting guests via Facebook and Twitter
Setting up the karaoke equipment
Set up the wireless network for guests Step 6 of 10
Buy a state-of-the-art computer
Buy a state-of-the-art camera
Buy as much new clothing and furniture as your house can hold
Invest the money in your new company Step 7 of 10
The graphics, including color scheme and typography
The photos, videos, and other interactive elements
The effectiveness of the messaging
The functionality Step 8 of 10
Draw pictures
Play dress-up
Play video games
Borrow the family camera
Save money to buy cool stuff
Hog the computer
Create your own blog or website
Run a highly profitable lemonade stand
Step 9 of 10
Snapping photos and recording videos
Playing games
Using apps to stay organized
Navigating your favorite sites using a touchscreen
Keeping up with your social network
Keeping up with the latest trends
Shopping on the go
Everything. You just love having a mini-computer in your hand View Result Step 10 of 10

Your calling is:

You're a leader who wants to make a difference in the professional world.

Practical and organized, you see yourself managing and coordinating a variety of resources to achieve concrete goals. You're part of a vibrant social network and use your excellent communication skills to evaluate client/customer needs, always recognizing what sells.

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