Why Students Choose IADT

Design, fashion, and media arts and technology professionals in today's creative marketplace require specialized knowledge and skills. At the International Academy of Design & Technology, our programs are tuned to the needs of these industries, and we focus on helping creative students maximize their talents, hone their skills and build their confidence as they prepare for their next big move.

A lot of students choose IADT because our schools give them the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals who've actually walked in their shoes. Others take the IADT path because they're looking for hands-on experience and convenient, flexible schedules.

The bottom line is this: There are a lot of great reasons to choose IADT to earn your associate's or bachelor's degree. Here are a few of the most important points about us to consider:

  • We Know Why You're Here
    We get that you're a creative type. We understand that you have a passion for using your imagination and skills to create professional opportunities for yourself. At IADT, we have the people, programs and industry-current facilities to help you pursue your goals.
  • Nationally Accredited
    The International Academy of Design & Technology is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award associate degrees and bachelor's degrees. ACICS is listed as a nationally recognized accrediting agency by the United States Department of Education and is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Additional information is available at 202-336-6780 or http://www.acics.org.
  • Professionally Focused Programs for Creative Individuals
    At IADT, we specifically develop our degree programs to address the current and expected needs of the design, fashion, and media arts and technology industries.
  • Do What You Love; Love What You Do
    Creative professionals are a different breed, and we know you'd rather study the topics you find interesting than spend time learning material you'll never use in the real world. That's why from the first day of your classes at IADT, you can be studying course content directly related to your area of interest.
  • Flexibility
    We know you have a lot on your calendar besides going to school. That's why many IADT programs offer you the freedom to combine traditional classes on campus with courses delivered by IADT Online.
  • Award-Winning Virtual Campus
    Through technology and ingenuity, we've created an amazing academic community online. In fact, a significant number of the programs you can select on our traditional IADT campuses also are available on the virtual campus of IADT Online, recognized as "Best of the Best" in the Education and Academia category of the 2009 Computerworld Honors Program.
  • Experienced Faculty
    Most IADT faculty members have career experience in the areas they teach, offering you the opportunity to learn from creative professionals who know the tools and tricks of the trade in your field of interest.
  • Personalized Support
    From the moment you contact IADT to learn more about us through the day you graduate with your associate or bachelor's degree, you will be accommodated, mentored and assisted by creative professionals dedicated to your well-being and satisfaction. We're committed to helping you get the most out of your education.
  • Military-Friendly Schools
    At IADT, we go beyond the call of duty to support military students. Our staff understands your unique needs and can advise you on military educational benefits and your professional and educational goals. (Benefits may vary by campus.)
  • A Commitment to Your Career Development
    IADT's Career Services department offers a range of services, including career development strategy, résumé and cover letter assistance, practice interviews, individual student consultations and much more. We are committed to providing you with career assistance for as long as you choose to take advantage of it.
  • A Growing Alumni Association
    With every graduating class, IADT's creative community continues to grow throughout the design, fashion, and media arts and technology industries. As a student here, you'll automatically become part of a professional network that you can tap into as you plan your next move.
  • Experienced Financial Aid Professionals
    Financial aid is available for those who qualify. IADT's financial aid representatives can answer your questions and provide you with information and assistance in applying for financial aid.*

To learn more about IADT, our degree programs or how to apply for admission, please contact us for more information.

*Financial aid is available for those who qualify.
International Academy of Design & Technology is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools to award associate's degrees and bachelor's degrees. For more information on IADT's accreditation, visit the ACICS website at: http://acics.org.