Military Admissions

At the International Academy of Design & Technology, we’ve streamlined the application and admissions process to make it as quick and simple as possible, and we also have specific representatives on board who maintain current knowledge of military benefits. These trained specialists understand the realities of military life and are ready to serve you.

We look forward to providing you with sound advice regarding your education and professional goals in the military or your future in the civilian job market.

When you are ready to start taking advantage of your military education benefits, just follow the three steps below.

1. Talk to Your Education Services Officer.

Be prepared to speak about the reasons you are interested in pursuing your degree at IADT, including our accreditation, our flexible programs and the area of study that interests you.

Your Education Services Officer will provide you with the essential paperwork regarding your Tuition Assistance (TA) and advise you on your eligibility for Top-Up benefits, the GI Bill and any other military benefits for which you may qualify. This paperwork will need to be completed in a timely manner and then faxed to your IADT financial aid representative.

To be eligible for the Top-Up benefit, you must be approved for Tuition Assistance by a military department and be eligible for GI Bill Active Duty benefits. You must be a GI Bill Active Duty participant and must have served at least two full years on active duty.

2. Fill out a FAFSA application.

FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, an online service that helps determine your eligibility for various forms of financial aid. In order to complete the FAFSA form, you must do the following:

  1. Log on to the FAFSA website,
  2. Register for a FSA ID and fill out the FAFSA.
  3. Once you create your FSA ID, log on and submit your FAFSA with your FSA ID for processing.

The entire process takes about 30 minutes to complete and needs to be started as soon as possible. When filling out your FAFSA, you will need to input the IADT School Code, available on the FAFSA website. This code will route your completed information to our financial aid department.

3. Contact your IADT financial aid representative after you have completed your FAFSA.

Your IADT financial aid representative will work with you to help determine all military benefits for which you are eligible.

The monthly military benefit paid to you is based on the type of training you take, the length of your service, your category and whether the Department of Defense put extra money in your GI Bill Fund (known as "kickers").

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